Storage Unit Organization Project Complete!!!

Camp LELA has lots of stuff! It is not possible to go to a forest with only trees and grass and have a camp for hundreds of children with nothing. God has richly blessed LELA with the supplies that are needed. Of course, there are the usual things tents, sleeping bags, and a few pots to cook with, but there are lots of other things like a few comfortable chairs, tanks for water storage, tools for building, and lots and lots and lots of wood!
Sure it would be great if we had our own piece of land and all of our stuff could always be there, but God has not provided that yet. So we pack it all up and take it to the forest and then pack it all up and take it to the storage unit. Then we repeat the process year after year. Each year as Camp LELA grows the pile of things to pack up also grows. This year at the end of camp we rented a truck to haul the supplies away. The time frame was very short because of the cost of the rental of the truck and the rain that came on the last day of tear down. So most things were just thrown on the truck and then just dumped off. It was a little bit of a mess. However, with the help of several men everything is now perfectly lying in it's place resting and waiting for Camp LELA 2015.

Praise God for this storage facility that is located within 15 or 20 minutes from the camp site that we had for the last two years. Praise God that the owners agreed to give us some more space for the same price.

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