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Summer 2015

Camp LELA 2015
May 11th -June 14th Building the camp
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On May 11 we started moving all of our camp supplies from
the storage unit to the new site. We were building everyday for over a month! God blessed us with great weather and very little rain. Thank you so much to our volunteer staff that helped us build an amazing camp for Camp LELA 2015! Thank you for those that financially gave to the project and for all of those that prayed! God prevailed!



June 15th - June 20th Formula 1 Orphan Boys Camp
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This camp was a boy's dream come true! There were cars and guns! Boys had the opportunity to learn to drive a car, tear apart an engine, build their own go carts, shoot guns and arrows, swim, and learned how to use a torch to cut apart an old car. There was also great opportunities for sharing about their lives with leaders in small groups and in the evenings around the fire. Thirty-two boys accepted Christ for the first time. Praise God for their understanding of his love and sacrifice!

June 24th - June 30th Alice in Wonderland Orphan Camp
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Alice in Wonderland is an old tale and we recreated it to put on a theatrical camp for the children from low level special needs orphanages. Over 200 children joined us. Our mean queen was very cruel, but changed into a person that showed love and kindness to all. This opened the door for us to share the Gospel with the children. Thirty-eight children accepted Christ and we praise God for this! The children had a great week doing crafts, playing sports, riding horses, baking cookies in our outdoor firestone oven, singing, dancing, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and performing skits for all.

July 4th - July 10th Gold Rush Orphan Camp
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Gold Rush at Camp LELA! This camp was a themed camp set back in the Wild West. There was a sheriff in town and the kids took part in activities in order to earn their keep. Gold could be found and the kids could earn money to purchase fun treats in the saloon. Kids enjoyed a variety of activities including riding horses, learning to line dance, swimming, baking cookies in the camp fire oven, sports activities, all camp games, evening programs, and fellowship with our team around the campfire. Praise God for nineteen children that accepted Christ.

July 15th - July 24th Sherlock Holmes Orphanage Camp
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There was a mystery to be solved and these kids were on top of it! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson  were visitors at the camp and the kids had a great time interacting with them and solving several mysteries throughout the week. The kids enjoyed reading the Daily Times and meetings in London City Hall. Kids enjoyed all other camp activities including horseback riding, swimming, sports, crafts, performing skits, singing songs, and camp fires. Praise God 47 children accepted Christ.

July 30th - August 7th Sherlock Holmes Crisis Home/Refugee Children Camp
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  Biggest camp EVER! Over 230 kids and over 100 volunteers! What a
  great time at the 2nd Sherlock Holmes camp. Children from crisis
  homes and from refugee families in the east joined. The mysteries to
  be solved were a little different than the last camp. The kids
  participated in the usual activities (swimming in the pool, performing
  skits, crafts, games, and sports) and we also had a few special
  activities.We took them to the sea and also had a visit from the local
  fire department to spray us all down because we were all so hot! Fifty
  children accepted Christ at this camp. Praise God for how He works in
  the lives of these children that are living in difficult circumstances.

August 9th - August 15th Lighthouse Family Camp for adoptive/foster families

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Our first ever camp for families that have adopted and/or foster children was a huge blessing to eleven families. Volunteers were also encouraged by the families that have devoted themselves to these children and brought them into their homes. The families came from many different cities throughout Ukraine, but were all united in the same mission of serving His children. Parents were able to rest and to take a break from daily routines as our volunteers worked with their children. There was training for the parents, spiritual renewal, time for building new relationships, and one romantic evening dessert time. It was a great time of refreshment and encouragement as they shared with one another about their experiences, blessings, and struggles. They realized together they were stronger as they faced these challenges. Praise God for the opportunity to serve and bless these families.  

August 17th - August 22nd LELA volunteer team camp

The summer came to an end and we decided the best way to bring the season to a close was to have a camp for our volunteers. We spent several days praising God, praying for each other and our country, and having a lot of fun. Every night before dinner we had some fun games! Watch the video for some great entertainment.