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Our Dream

Since 2007, we have been hosting camps for orphans and troubled children in the summer. Over the years, God has taught us many things about camping and about summer ministry. We have been blessed and encouraged in many ways.

The most challenging things about summer camp is that we don't have our own property. Every summer we need to find a place to host our camps. Each place has had it's challenges and we continue to search for something more ideal. Also, every summer there is a lot of money and time invested in building semi permanent structures and then tearing them down at the end of the summer. These structures include shelters for meeting under, eating under, shower houses, and outhouses.

Looking at a piece of property
 (Spring 2014)
   God has placed in our hearts a dream to have a piece of property where we can build permanent structures that
   will be used to minister to orphans and troubled children for many years.

   We believe that God is going to provide the right piece of property in His time and that He will provide the finances
   for this purchase. Therefore, we take small steps towards seeing our dream come to fruition. We have looked at
   different pieces of property, we have visited a few camps to gather ideas, we have made some partners that will
   help us by giving us advice on building a camp, we are gathering designs for buildings, and we have met with an
   architect to discuss some ideas. Sure some may think that it is crazy that we do these things, but we believe we
   must begin moving toward the dream and see how God turns it into a reality.

   We ask that you pray with us and believe Him for this big dream.

You prayed, we prayed, and God blessed!

As mentioned above, we have prayed about this for years! We often looked at property and searched for a place, but in the spring of 2015 God brought us to the place that He had held and prepared for us. Praise God with us! Immediately we got to work and transformed the outdoor area into Camp LELA 2015. In the Fall of 2015, we started fixing the building that had not been used in over 7 years. Many things needed to be adapted for our needs. The building was also without a working heating system, working kitchen, plumbing, and many others things.

Primary uses Camp LELA, office space, storage for equipment, training center, retreat center, JAM (Jesus and Me) Day Center, Special Needs Center, orphanage graduate programs, dorm for refugees, staff, and orphanage graduates.

The outdoor area before Camp LELA 2015.

The outdoor area during Camp LELA 2015.
The outdoor area during Camp LELA 2016.

Building in the Spring of 2015.

Building under construction in the Fall of 2015.

Please pray with us and consider financially partnering with us to complete the remodeling process and to pay the final installment on the building.

To see photos of the inside remodeling process, click here.