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Summer 2013

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to see how the camp was built.

The summer of 2013 we planned a variety of different camps. Camps were for children that were from different orphanages and from troubled families throughout the Odessa oblast. They were all held in the forest just outside of Odessa.

We were so excited about the special space that God gave us as a  place to host our camps in July and August. This photo shows the  beautiful forest just outside of Odessa where we were located. It  may look like just a forest, but God brought in a troop of  people and kids and His name was praised and His love was demonstrated! It was transformed!

July 2nd - 12th Creation Camp

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    Imagine never knowing where you came from, where the stars came from, and how
    those animals roaming around came to be. Most children in the orphanage have never
    heard about the God who created the world and everything that is in existence. Now
    90 kids have heard the truth! They now know that they are God's most precious and
    amazing creation. They have the knowledge that God created them in His image and
    He loves them. Pray this truth sinks into their hearts. We had an amazing time
    with this group of kids and are thankful that God provided for our needs and gave us
    strength and wisdom during difficult situations.


July 13th - 20th Fun Jumping!

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    The 2nd camp of the season, Fun Jumping, has successfully ended! God
    blessed us with a great team, good weather, and provided for all our
    needs. There were 32 boys from orphanages that came and 5 accepted
    Christ. The boys had lots of "guy" fun and experienced the love of God.

July 21st - 27th Formula 1 

This car is ready to race!

   We are excited to announce that we partnered with a local church for this camp. We were not
   able to provide the resources and a team for this camp, so they helped us out. We provided
   the camp site and the cars. We are thankful for this partnership. Thank you for praying for
   the Holy Trinity church and their team. Another great week of camp!


August 8th - 17th Treasure Island

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    Sure we could just have camp, but our staff loves to put on a themed event! They made plans and put
    things together for nearly a year. There were pirates (the friendly kind) and it was an adventure for
    the kids. They were seeking to find a hidden treasure and the true treasure they found was the truth of
    God's love. The kids learned many things through master classes, Bible lessons, and through building 
    relationships with our team members.