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Summer 2018

Camp LELA 2018

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This summer for the first time ever children are sleeping indoors. Praise God for the provision to build new cabins. No more tents that are hot and wet during the rain storms. We also built a new dining center with a second level for a game room  and a sleeping space for the kitchen staff.

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June 1st – 9th Sherlock Holmes Day Camp (English Camp) for JAM Day Center children

The first camp of 2018 was for students from the JAM! Day Center and from other kid's clubs in our area. There were 70 kids in attendance and the final day about 50 parents attended the program.
The children studied Bible lessons in The Greatest Journey books provided by Samaritan's Purse. They took lots of fun videos and photos and had a great time playing games. It was our first ever English camp! The kids learned a lot and so did we! 

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June 13th - 20th Puss in Boots for Children with hearing disabilities. 

Thirty - five children from two different orphanages for children with hearing disabilities came to Camp LELA for the first time ever. Seventeen of these children accpeted Christ. They kept saying over and over that they had never heard the story of Jesus and how He came and died for our sins.
Bible lessons, theatrical skits, crafts, building activities, and personal communication with children testified to the great grace and love of God for these children.

Not one person left the camp unchanged. For those that can hear, they are so thankful for the gift of hearing from God. For those that cannot hear, they were thankful for the opportunity to be needed, loved, and understood more than anywhere else than had been before.

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June 23rd  – July 5th Zorro 1 for children from Eastern Ukraine Conflict Zone

Children from the conflict zone live in constant fear as they hear fighting going on around them all the time. They have lost a lot and we invited them to come to Camp LELA for rest. The program was fun and they enjoyed their time. Many children accepted Christ. One boy commented that he had been to many camps, but this was the first time he felt welcomed and at peace. 

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July 7th - July 13th Zorro 2 for children form Eastern Ukraine Conflict Zone
The same type of program as Zorro 1 filled with skits, games, crafts, water fun, and Bible lessons specifically written to coordinate with the theme of the camp. One young girl came with a very negative attitude spending most of her time smoking and being with her friends. She accepted Christ and immediately her demeanor changed. Praise God for a changed life. 

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July 22nd – 27th Puss in Boots for Children villages

Children from surrounding villages that have never had the opportunity to participate in Camp LELA came for a week of fun and learning. The children really enjoyed the week as the weather was perfect and there were great games, crafts, music, and entertainment. The children studied the Bible lessons from Samaritan's Purse and learned about the Bible from Creation until the Resurrection. Many children hadn't fully heard or understood the Gospel. Many accepted Christ. 

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July 22nd - 27th JOY! Children with Autism 1

Children that attend the JOY! Center throughout the year were invited to participate in Camp LELA. We had several specialists and trained volunteers that worked with the children one on one for therapy and learning. They enjoyed games, pool time, group Bible lessons, and craft time. These children are so special. For parents, it was an opportunity for them to take a break and to enjoy some time apart from their child that needs constant supervision. 

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July 30th - August 3rd 
Camp LELA on the road! This summer the children from the Pishana orphanage were not able to come to the camp, so we went to them. This committed team spent over four hours a day on the road to host a day camp for these children at the government camp they were staying at. The children enjoyed sports, crafts, games, and lessons. The children were happy to have some time with the volunteers that love them even thought they missed the on-site Camp LELA experience. 

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July 30th - August 3rd JOY! Children with Autism 2 
We have so many children with special needs that come to the JOY! Center that we had two weeks of this camp. Dedicated volunteers worked with the children one on one. They enjoyed many camp experiences and enjoyed a trip to a small ranch to see the horses. For some children, this was their first ever camp experience.

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August 13th – 19th Lighthouse Family Camp

Seven families (sixty -eight people) came to Camp LELA for a family camp. Every family had adopted children. We wanted to bless these families with a week of rest, fun, training, and family time. Training was provided by specialists that shared about working with children in trauma and integrating them into families. Family sports and craft times were enjoyed by all. Moms enjoyed manicures and massages while the Dads were out bowling with kids. A romantic evening for parents allowed for conversation without children as they watched a movie. 

August 12th – August 24th  Zorro for Children from Orphanages  

There were 92 children from the Ananiev orphanage that came to the last camp. As a tradition, we decided to host one tent camp and this was it. The children had a great outdoor experience and our team served them well. The children were ages 4 to 17. Children enjoyed age appropriate Bible lessons, crafts, sports, and other activities.