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Summer 2014

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Boys Camp July 5th - July 11th

   These boys had one great week of "boy" adventure. They got really, really dirty building forts, shooting guns, playing
   all sorts of games, having a sling shot paintball war, eating lots of food, riding bikes, swimming (more like a bath!),
   and more! Most importantly they experienced the love of Christ from our volunteers and heard about his love.
   Praise God for this opportunity to minister to these boys.

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Youth Camp July 14th - July 19th
   What an amazing week of camp! Children from several different orphanages came to experience God's love. Eight
   boys made the decision to accept Christ. The kids enjoyed learning many things like first aid, how to pluck a chicken,
   how to build an airplane, how to build a hideout, how to play cricket and football, and most importantly about the
   love of God. They had fun swimming, playing games, sitting around campfires, and singing songs. Praise God with us!

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Super Hero Camp July 21st - July 26th

Another great week of camp. One hundred children from the orphanages in Balta and Andreevo-Ivanovko joined us for this week of camp. The kids enjoyed learning about super hero traits and how they can have those traits through a relationship with Christ. (His strength, His wisdom, His power, and etc.) He is the ultimate Super Hero and we pray they will seek Him.

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Narnia 1 July 30th - August 8th
We finished the 10 day camp strong! The children arrived on Wednesday and entered through the wardrobe to Narnia. The kids had a great adventure this week as they participated in this themed camp. The program directors used all their creativity to put on an exciting adventure for the children. Highlights of the camp include going to the sea, preparing for the battle, fighting the dark side in the battle, singing songs, enjoying the fair, earning money and then buying special Narnia treats, and hearing stories at the campfires from the wise people that came to them. The kids were surrounded by many believers who showed them His love and shared with them about the greatest sacrifice of all. This week 4 children accepted Christ and many more made advances on their journey towards Him.

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Narnia 2 August 13th - August 22nd
   We did it! We did it! We finished Camp LELA 2014 strong! It was a great 10 days of camp. We had the same program
   as the first Narnia camp with a few changes to improve things. This camp we also hosted refugees from Eastern
   Ukraine including 38 adults and 44 children. Praise God that we could minister to these families, too. This was
   the biggest camp EVER! There were over three hundred people that were at the camp site. That's a lot of water to
   haul in and a lot of food to prepare! Several children accepted Christ for the first time and we are blessed to be able
   to follow up with them in our regular ministry throughout the year in the orphanages.