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Team Videos

This week at the team camp they are making fun videos to help us remember the summer. In this video, the team is out of control! Slavik calls in the Men in Black to get them back on track! :)

Team Camp

Our final camp is a special gift to the volunteers that served with us throughout the summer. We are having great fun doing lots of activities together.

Every evening we are playing some fun games before dinner. Take a look at these great team building activities!

Lighthouse - Romantic Night

For the first time ever, we hosted a romantic evening for couples.

It was also the first camp that we hosted for families. God laid it on our hearts to have a camp for families that have adopted or our fostering children here in Ukraine. Many families take this step to help orphans and it isn't easy. In Ukraine, many people won't even consider this, so these families are special. So we invited them and their children to the camp. We had a program for the kids and had some special training and time alone for parents. They enjoyed the evening and the kids enjoyed the movie they watched while their parents were busy. ;)

Camp Prayer Requests

This week we welcomed a new kind of team and tomorrow we will welcome a different type of camper. This will be our first family camp that focuses on supporting and encouraging Ukrainian families that have adopted and/or are fostering children.

Please pray the prayers will be encouraged by the time we spend with them.
Please pray that they will learn something from the training.
Please pray for the team that will work with the children.
Please pray for cooler days. We have had over 90 degree weather every day for almost 2 weeks.


Okay, we are HOT! This has been one of the hottest summers that we have had in years. Day after day of 90 to 95 degree weather with not a cloud in the sky. We are happy there isn't rain, but we do wish for a little cooler weather.

It is also hard to find things for the kids to do in the afternoon that doesn't cause them to get overheated. We have two small pools, but this doesn't hold hundreds of kids.

So....we stopped by the fire department to ask for a special delivery of water to put out the fire! They kindly agreed and said that in the afternoon when they weren't putting out a real fire they would come out and spray us down.

Of course, this turned the sports field into a mud pit! It was a fun time and we were all a little bit cooler!