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Leadership Team

Our Summer Camp LELA Leadership team gathers for an evening of prayer for the summer. Join us in praying for this team that leads our summer camps.

Building campsite

We are glad to share that building process is going well.
God blessed us with great weather and hardworking volunteers.
We made a good progress and it starts to look more like a campsite.
At the moment we are working on dining area, toilets and showers.

Please continue to pray for good weather and
for God to bring more volunteers, as there is still a lot work ahead of us.

Moving Day

Yesterday was the first day of the building process. First things first, we needed to move all the wood, construction materials, and other camp materials to the new site. We spent the day making two big trips to the new site. We will have another work day soon to finish the moving.

After all the work, we had a great lunch! Thank you to all the volunteers that helped!

All pictures for building the camp posted here...

Camp LELA 2015 season begins!

We have a home! This past spring we were looking for a the right place for Camp LELA 2015. God has provided a special place for us to host 700 children and 7 different camps!

Here is the first look...

We have lots of work to do! Soon this place will be filled with buildings, play areas, and tents!

Pray with us about the following things:

Pray for good weather and for volunteers to come to help with construction and preparation of the territory.

Pray for the finances. We still need to resources for over half of the children. We will have to reduce the number of children accordingly.

Pray for the children. Hundreds of children will come to Camp LELA and it is guaranteed that they will have fun, but we also want for their hearts to be open to the word of God and for them to come to know His love.

Pray for the team that is writing the program and the final preparations they need to do before the camp.

Pray for the volunteers, for God to bring godly people to be the leaders and team membe…