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Thank you!

We want to thank every person that sacrificially gave to Camp LELA and for those that spent many hours praying for this ministry. Over 500 hundred children came to camp and experienced the love of Christ through our volunteers. They heard the gospel and many accepted Him into their hearts for the first time. There were many fun activities, a great program at every camp, swimming in the pool and at the sea, crafts, and sports. AND...sleeping in a tent.

We were blessed to serve the Lord in all of this and we hope God blesses you for all that you have given for His children.

Tent has arrived!

For many years we have prayed for a tent and now God has blessed us with one. This is no small tent! It is a huge tent that we can put up and use a meeting place. This means one less building to build and most likely it will be waterproof. Praise God for our partners and friends with YoungStars that sent this tent from Germany. We can't wait til next summer to set it up and put it into use!

LELA 2015

We love to put on a themed camp that includes lots of costumes, action, a script that runs throughout the ten days, and many other fun elements. These are tied in with a Biblical perspective so that the children have fun, but also learn the most important thing, Jesus died for them. This past year were in Narnia. Over the course of the summer, our volunteers gave many ideas about what the theme should be. Let's just say there were 100's of ideas and an extensive voting system. ;) We are pleased to announce that LELA 2015 will be presenting....Sherlock Holmes! Check out the video put together by one of our OM partners.


Want to see some fun times at Camp LELA 2014??

Watch our latest videos that are a collection of the video footage from several different videographers.

Evening of Friends

We gathered the team of volunteers from Camp LELA 2014 and had a celebration! Almost one hundred of them came and we were encouraged by this. It was a great evening of games, skits, prayer, singing, watching videos, and looking at pictures. We wanted to thank them for their time of service and encourage them to continue to find ways to connect with orphans. We have many projects for them to be involved in over the next few months and we pray that it will be a priority for them to continue to serve the Lord and to be in relationship with His children. Pray for them in this.