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Building Continues

Week 2 is in full swing and we are building and building. It would be great if you could all come, help for a day, and also take a look around! It is so exciting to see the camp take shape after many months of planning and thinking. It will be so great to have hundreds of kids in just a few weeks.

Please pray for strength for the workers.
Please pray that the rain would stay away. (We had rain again today.)
Please pray for wisdom for Slavik as he continues to make decisions about the camp and continues to work with the administration for all the proper documents.
Please pray that programming details will fall into place over the next few weeks.

Building Continues

We had rain again today. Please pray that the weather will clear off and so that the building projects can be completed more quickly.

Praise God for the many volunteers that come in the sun and in the rain. Pray that many will come tomorrow, Saturday.

Please pray for the children in the Borshi orphanage. They have an infection there and have been quarantined for the next 21 days. Pray this passes and they will be able to come to Camp LELA.

Pray that God will give us strength and wisdom in all that arises.

Day 2

Rain, rain go away! :)

Today was another great day. Just as many volunteers came today as yesterday! We are so thankful for their willingness to help even in the rain.

Please pray that the rain will pass and that tomorrow would be a dry day.

Camp LELA Build Team Day 1

Praise God, we had a great first day! Thank you for all your prayers and your support in this. Today was one day when we really needed a lot of men and we needed to get a lot done. God provided almost 20 volunteers and they accomplished a lot. We were able to rent several large trucks to come to our storage site and the men loaded them up with almost all of the supplies. We will need to go back at a later time to get kitchen and craft supplies.

At the camp site, we were able to put up many large tents that will be used for an office, storage, and meeting places.

Please continue to pray for all of the volunteers and their safety. Pray God would bless them for serving Him in this way. Please pray that momentum would continue and that a lot would be accomplished in the coming days. Please also pray for good weather.

Pray for Camp LELA

This week we had a leaders meeting and talked about all of the plans for the summer. Please pray for us.
Pray for our leadership team that we had be able to work well together and would be able to serve and care for each other as Christ has shown us. Please pray that God give us joy as we come to serve Him and His children.
Pray for the final paperwork to be processed. We are still waiting for final permissions in order to start building.
Pray for the building that starts on June 16th. Pray for all of the volunteers that will come and that will have strength for this work. Please pray for good weather during this time.
Pray for the boy's camp as plans are still in progress. Please pray specifically that we would find a nurse for this camp.
Pray for the youth camp and that finally preparations of the program would go smoothly. Please pray that we would find male volunteers. We really need Godly Christian men to be leaders amongst the children.
Pray for the camp that was added. …


As you know we have planned 4 camps for the children this summer. There will be a boys camp, a youth camp, and two camps for younger children.

We are posting to let you know that God has provided an opportunity to do yet another camp. Are we crazy!? Yes and no. We love His children and we want to maximize the amount of time we have this summer. This camp will be a little bit shorter and the program will be a little different, but it will allow for children from 3 different orphanages to also experience time at Camp LELA.

Please pray for us in this. God has miraculously provided the finances for this summer. We also need for Him to provide a team for us. We are currently seeking volunteers, but falling short of what we need.

We are ready for more fun times like these! Camp LELA starts soon!!