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Soccer and Games Field

Today more work was completed on the land in the forest. The soccer and games field was leveled and is ready for a summer full of kids playing on it!

Storage remodel and land leveling

Today we spent time remodeling our storage area because we have gathered more supplies for camp. Thanks to several men for their work.

We also had the land leveled at the camp area so that it was a more smooth surface. We will be able to build a shelter on flat ground and have a meeting space and there will also be a leveled area for the children to play sports. Praise God with us that the owners approved of this ground leveling process in their forest area.

Camp Site

We are excited to announce that we have secured a location for Camp Lela for the summer of 2014. This is the same piece of property that we used last year. There are several challenges with using this piece of property including difficulty with getting water and electricity. However, there are many positive things about this property including the location and also that the owners are willing to work with us.

Pray with us that God will bless us and the children on this land that He has once again provided for Camp Lela.


We are starting this blog on the Camp Lela site in order to keep you informed and to share with you about how you can pray.

We are excited about the summer of 2014. God has given us the opportunity to bring 800 children to our camp this summer. This is more than we can do and more than we ever dreamed, which is why we know that this summer is going to be God's summer. We are full of faith and excited to see how He will strengthen us for this project and how He will provide for all of our needs.

Please pray that God will give our team the ability to plan a program that reaches the hearts of the children.
Please pray that God will provide a large team for the camps.
Please pray that God will provide all the supplies that are needed. (tents, sleeping bags, building materials, dishes, and etc.)
Please pray that God will provide the finances that are needed to host 800 children over the summer.