Summer 2017

Camp LELA 2017

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We plan to host 1200 children at $60 each this summer.

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May 29th - 31st - Day Camp for Girls with High Level Special Needs from Krasnosyolka Orphanage

This was a super special camp for our super special girls living very near our property at the Krasnosyolka Orphanage. First, our team worked outside on some painting projects and then for several days we had fun times with the girls.

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June 1st - June 25th Building Camp LELA (medical station, prayer building, and handicap restrooms)

Every year we try to improve the grounds of Camp LELA. Many ask why, our answer is that we want to be able to provide an oasis for the hurting and broken that God sends to us. A place of rest and comfort is good for them. This year a medical station was built for those that are sick during their time at camp.

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June 3rd - June 9th Day Camp for children from trouble homes and youth clubs in Odessa.

A day camp is a wonderful way for children to come from Odessa to be part of camp and for us to continue in relationship with them and their families throughout the year. Children that attend the JAM (Jesus and Me) Day Center and other youth clubs are from troubled families. We have a heart to help these children and families as part of orphan prevention. Kids had a great time doing Bible lessons and playing games.

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June 11th - June 15th Bicycle Camp for children from orphanages

Hiking with bikes! These kids traveled many miles this week seeing a the beautiful countryside and learning about Jesus and all about camping.

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June 16th - June 23rd The Hobbit for children from Kilia Orphanage
Children love to be involved in a story and it helps them understand better. These kids had a great week being a participant in the Hobbit story. They also enjoyed Bible lessons, games, crafts, and swimming.

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June 16 - June 23rd  Children with Autism
This is the third summer to host children with Autism. We have held a weekly day center, You are Special, for over a year for these children and their families. Thank you to many specialists and volunteers that learn how to specifically work with these children.

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June 26th - June 30th Boys Camp
All things boys! Hiking, cooking over a fire, guy time, finding strange little creatures, and Bible lessons. Great week for these guys!

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June 26th - June 30th Children with Autism 2
Similar to the first camp for Children with Autism we ministered to many children from families and also children with higher level needs from the Pishana orphanage.

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June 26th - June 30th The Hobbit for children from the Pishana Orphanage
These children from the Pishana orphanage were engaged in Bible lessons and also the story of the Hobbit. They enjoyed building cars and spending time with leaders. Many cried when they left as it was hard for them to leave this place of God's peace and love.

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July 3rd - July 15th Lord of the Rings for children from orphanages

Children from several different orphanages came together for the first Lord of the Rings camp! What an adventure including hiking and sleeping in tents they made from tarps and also a visit to the catacombs. All of this was woven into an interesting remake of the story. Kids also enjoyed earning LELA bucks and spending them at our own market.

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July 18th - July 28th Lord of the Rings for children from the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine.
Children from this area live with the reality of war everyday. People they know fight, die, and strive to live a life. Our partner their sent this message to us....

"Once again, Odessa cordially accepts children from the conflict zone.
Children who often fall asleep not in their beds, but in a damp cellar, clenching in a ball, under the rumbling of bursting shells went safely to rest at Camp LELA.
Many thanks to Slavik Puzanov for your kind heart for the children from the ATO zone.
This is the fourth summer, that you have received our children. Thank you! We do good together!"

Praise God for the opportunity to serve these children. Praise God for a place of rest for them. Thank you to each of you that pray and support this ministry. We are doing good together.

July 30th - August 6th Lighthouse Family Camp for families that have adopted/fostered children
August 6th - August 16th Lord of the Rings for refugee children from Eastern Ukraine
August 22nd - August 26th Soccer Camp for boys from orphanages and Lighthouse Soccer Club