Monday, July 6, 2015

Prayer update

We know that many of you pray for Camp LELA. We wanted to give you some updates.

God gave us the strength for building the camp. Over 30 volunteers and staff, helped over a month's time build toilets, showers, a dining area, a kitchen, welcome area, security station, sports area, sleeping area with tents for kids and staff, a meeting tent complete with bleachers and a stage, craft tents, a medical station, and a prayer tent. Inside the building, there are areas for crafts, sports, theatrical costumes, coordinators offices, and a meeting space for the team. We had very little rain and there were no injuries! :)

435 children have already been blessed in the first three camps! They have had an adventurous and fun filled time!

Nearly 150 volunteers have already had the opportunity to serve the Lord and His children.

Again, we have had great weather. A few rainy times and a few dreadfully hot days, but all in all great camping weather!

89 children have accepted Christ!

We have had no major injuries!

God has abundantly provided for our financial needs.

Thank you for praying!