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Pray for Camp LELA!

The last camp for the kids is underway. Please pray with us for this special group of kids. There are nearly 250 kids and about 100 volunteers. It's hot...really hot and we don't have shade.

Pray that the volunteers will have strength to finish the rest of the camp.

Pray for the leaders and director of Camp LELA as they continue to work with the volunteers and the children.

Pray that the children will come to know the Lord as the gospel is presented to them.

Sherlock Holmes 1

180 kids were at the camp for the first Sherlock Holmes camp. As you know from the last post, the kids had a great time solving the mystery and being part of the program.

The kids also had a great time doing a variety of other activities.

Sports activities


Horseback riding

Plenty of time for shooting darts, arrows, and potatoes!

Reading the daily newspaper

They also worked to earn money to buy special treats at Pik Wick's Club.

Most importantly the children learned about Jesus and His love for them. Forty-seven children accepted Christ for the first time. Please pray with us as we make a plan to disciple these children.

Sherlock Holmes 1....A mystery needs solving!

The kids got off the buses and were welcomed at the city gates of London.

There was Big Ben, London City, Hall, and The Scotland Yard.  Don't worry these guys were pretty friendly...unless you were the bad guy!
The program team did an amazing job with this camp. They created a lot of fun and a mystery for the children to help solve. The kids were very quiet during the skits and worked hard to figure out what was going on. One afternoon the kids were all sure they had caught the criminal! They brought him into London City Hall to be tried. The prosecution had a good case. There were witnesses. He was even picked out of the line up. These jurors were just about convinced. WAIT!!!   At the last minute, Sherlock shows up with the evidence to prove the man's innocence! The jurors voted and he was released. And the search continued!    

London City Hall

The kids are really enjoying the Sherlock Holmes camp!

Sherlock Holmes Starts!

The team arrived on Monday for the first Sherlock Holmes camp. Please pray for the volunteers and that they would be strong during this ten day camp.

Gold Rush 7-4 to 7-10

Gold Rush! The theme for this last week's camp was Gold Rush. The kids had a great time in the small town digging up gold, working for their salaries, and fighting off the bad guys. There was mischief in the camp all week long and finally the sheriff and the kids found out who was the ring leader behind the problems.

The kids enjoyed learning how to country line dance.

The kids spent their wages at the saloon getting tasty treats.

Of course, the horses were there to give rides to the kids.

The kids enjoyed building some interesting things this week in their free time.

And the boys created and interesting game of fling the other person off the board...not sure how safe this is ;)

The hottest days we have had all summer brought on a water balloon fight!

The best part of the day is the evening program. The kids perform and a few days we even had a few minions.

We were blessed with a man that came from Switzerland to teach the kids first aid.

We also have a huge blow up slide that…

Alice in Wonderland June 24th - June 30th

In this camp, the two hundred children from low level special needs orphanages could really immerse themselves into the atmosphere of our created magical place! We have a very creative team and they enjoy putting on a theatrical camp. This camp there was an evil queen who was very cruel and angry, but God changed her and she became a person who forgave and showed kindness to all. These children connected with the story and also the simple message of the gospel. Thirty-eight children made a decision follow Christ.

The kids had great time full of new amazing experiences like building and shooting potato guns, making cookies in a fire oven, riding horses, having Bible lessons, doing crafts, and making new friends. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve these children and share Gospel with them.

Bible Lessons and kids praying to receive Christ

Performing and Program


Ropes Course



Potato Guns

Bow and Arrow



Campfires by day and night!

And the sunse…

Prayer Update 7-9

Please pray for the children that have accepted Christ and our work to follow up with these children in the coming months.

Please pray for cooler weather and no rain.

Please pray that the children and staff would remain healthy and that there would not be any major injuries.

Please pray that we would have additional men sign up to be leaders at the next two camps.

Please pray that God would give strength and patience to our leadership team.

Prayer update

We know that many of you pray for Camp LELA. We wanted to give you some updates.

God gave us the strength for building the camp. Over 30 volunteers and staff, helped over a month's time build toilets, showers, a dining area, a kitchen, welcome area, security station, sports area, sleeping area with tents for kids and staff, a meeting tent complete with bleachers and a stage, craft tents, a medical station, and a prayer tent. Inside the building, there are areas for crafts, sports, theatrical costumes, coordinators offices, and a meeting space for the team. We had very little rain and there were no injuries! :)

435 children have already been blessed in the first three camps! They have had an adventurous and fun filled time!

Nearly 150 volunteers have already had the opportunity to serve the Lord and His children.

Again, we have had great weather. A few rainy times and a few dreadfully hot days, but all in all great camping weather!

89 children have accepted Christ!

We have had no…