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Winter Camp Project

Nasledie Teams will be hosting short three day winter camps in six different orphanages this holiday season.

The reason we will do these winter camps at this time is because this time is the biggest holiday time of the whole year. Therefore, the kids that are left at the orphanage are truly alone. They have no one or relatives can't or won't take them home to celebrate. We want them to know that we will be there for them. We want to share with them that even at this hard time Jesus is with them.

The general plan at this time, is that teams of 12 to 18 people will head out to the orphanages in early January. There will be Bible lessons, large group activities, small groups, crafts, and games. The main point of the camp is to spend time with the children. The focus is not the program or the gifts that will be distributed. We want these children to know that we are their friends and we love them because God loves us and He wants us to display His love to them. The team will stay…