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Building Camp LELA

Building Camp LELA starts on June 16th. Please pray with us for this project.

Please pray that we will have many skilled volunteers joining us to build. Please pray for good weather, so we can work everyday. Please pray that the supplies we need will be easily found and gathered Please pray for safety as we build. 

Pray for Camp LELA

Please join us in praying for Camp LELA. In just 5 short weeks, we will begin building the camp. This includes building a kitchen, bathrooms, showers, and shelters that we can sit under to eat and to meet. Praise God we have also been able to purchase a few large tents for an office and for holding large group meetings. Then there are lots of tents to put up for the kids to sleep in.

Please pray for us now as we continue to gather all of the needed items in order to build.
Please pray for the building team. We only have a few committed men at this time.
Please pray for good weather during the 3 weeks that we are building the camp.
Please pray for the team that is now being assembled for camp. We need several hundred volunteers and we have not yet collected even half of this number.
Please pray for the children and that their hearts would be prepared to hear the gospel.
Please pray for the finances for the camp. God has blessed us with about half of the money that is needed for t…

Laying out the plans

We will start building the camp on June 15th. We are so excited about this and are busy making plans. This week Slavik and his friend visited the property and decided exactly what to build and where each thing should be built.