Monday, June 15, 2015

Prayer Update

Thank you so much for supporting us in your prayers. God is faithful and He continues to give answers to our prayers.

The construction of the camp is almost finished there are few things left that need to be done. We continue to work inside of the building where we will have our Day Center and our offices starting in September.

Please pray for the finances. Our plan is to host 700 children this summer.  Pray that God would provide for all the financial needs. Praise God for what He has already provided!
Please keep on praying for the children. Hundreds of children will come to Camp LELA and it is guaranteed that they will have fun, but we also want for their hearts to be open to the word of God and for them to come to know His love. 
Please pray for the volunteers that take part at them camp, that God would give them strength, patience, love for these children, and that God would teach them through their serving at camp. 
Please pray for more volunteers, as we still have need in them, for God to bring godly people to be the leaders and teams members.
Pray for the Boys camp as children arrive today. Pray for safety during the camp and for the things to work out well as it is first camp this year.